Initial review of Felt F1 SL Team

I finally got a chance to do a shake down cruise on the new 2010 Felt F1 SL Team bike from the Argyle Club at Team Garmin-Transitions! Stiff in all the right places and an amazing ride. The 13-ish lb. bike feels like an extension of your body, easy to throw around but easy to control and drive towards where you need to go and as fast as you want to get there. I’ve ridden carbon before. What’s remarkable for me is the instantaneous response on steering — straight and fast like an arrow without feeling like your cramped in the frame.

My first set of carbon wheels (The “stock” Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLRs) surprised me with their sounds first off (I don’t notice now after ride 3.) They don’t sound like metal alloy wheels for sure! Second surprise they added 2-3 degrees or more to cornering. Very stiff and love to roll — they put wind resistance on notice for sure! The bike has the Garmin-Transitions and sponsors graphics but it’s not overdone. The white seat and bar tape add that extra “pro” touch!


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  1. Reb on

    So after having it a couple of days how do you like it? How does it ride? Do a video response / review so we can get a true sense of the bike. I want the F1SL non team issue.

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